• Organization of international and local exhibitions.
  • Production of original drama and presentation of international collaborations with artists in Bulgaria.
  • Encouraging the participation of young people in interest clubs Hobbies-activities.
  • Supporting the performances of young artists and ensembles.
  • Promotion of multimedia and contemporary art.

2022/2023: Program for the restoration and development of Our World Association

The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the “Program for the recovery and development of private cultural organizations ’22”.
The project envisages the restoration of the administrative capacity of the Nash Svyat Association, the development and maintenance of the Svyat cultural space in the city of Sofia, the organization of international training with lecturers and the hosting of an international performance from Germany, the distribution of a performance by the Nash Svyat Theater in order to reach new audiences in small settlements with vulnerable audiences. The project also creates a strategy for expanding its audiences through professional analysis and publication of a book.

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2023: “Artist in Mahala” – Varna Culture Fund

Project activities reached 540 direct beneficiaries, children and youth from ethnic minorities from Asparuhovo and Vladislavovo quarters, and gave them the opportunity to become active consumers of cultural products. 3 Eco Dreams performances – 80 people per performance / 240 people 2 pre-satellite Fake Theater – 90 people per performance / 180 people Children’s workshop

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2023/2024: The cultural world reaches out to all

The project “The cultural world reaches everyone” represents an interdisciplinary approach to inform the general public about the culture and art of ethnic minorities with a focus on Roma from North-Eastern Bulgaria and has a target group of over 120 young people, direct beneficiaries from the village of Sindel in Varna Region. During the duration of the project of 12 months (2023/2024).

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2020/2021: #Fake Theater

“When you’re young, you live life to the max and follow your own rhythm. You don’t let others dictate your life, you want freedom and believe you’re immortal.” Zachary, 27. The performance “Hashtag # Fake Theater” with playwright and director Iva Paneva presents a theatrical interpretation of current topics exciting the teenagers and young people

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2019: “ECO (Environmental Concept of Outdoor) Performance”

Funded under PUBLIK program, module “Intervention in public environment” of NFK. The performance took place together with children, teenagers and young people with an interest in art from the city of Varna. The participants created a theatrical ECO theater, transforming the area of the National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium “Nicolaus Copernicus” in the city of

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2018: “Boom-Boom the Mouse in the Kingdom of Vowels”

“Boom-Boom the Mouse in the Kingdom of Vowels” is an educational, fun, interactive and visually stimulating performance that helps kindergarten and elementary school children immerse themselves in the world of letters and the specifics of vowels through games and adventures of puppet characters.

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2017: “Mr. clinker”

Mr. Clinker – ecological interactive performance A performance from 2017, written and staged by Iva Paneva, Theater Our World, for the first children’s interactive museum on environmental issues in Bulgaria – “THE WAY OF THE OUTRAGED”.

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