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Association "OUR WORLD"

Activities, Mission, Goals

Association “Our World” is a non-governmental organization with over 200 implemented local and international projects, established in 1999. in the city of Varna and a representative office in the city of Sofia, working in the field of education, culture and social sphere.

Main activity of the organization


Encouraging the professional education of young people and their preparation for personal realization.


Production of original drama and presentation of international collaborations with artists in Bulgaria.

Soc. activities

Raising the awareness of young people about civil rights and obligations and health culture.


Environmental upbringing and education. Ecological art projects with the aim of prevention and protection of the environment.

  • Producing creative interdisciplinary productions;
  • Ecological art and creative learning systems;
  • Promotion of international cooperation and co-productions;
  • Work on programs to increase the socio-educational competences of children and youth;
  • Informal education of socially disadvantaged people, children and adolescents from ethnic minorities through art and theater approaches;
  • Research activity related to the effect of theater art, psychological applied interventions, prevention, intercultural and cultural practices, digital interactive education.

The production and publishing activity of the “Our World” Theater also includes the creation of interdisciplinary international productions and performances, educational and therapeutic trainings and performances, author’s audio-visual and stage productions.

Mission and Goals

Association “Our World” supports the creative activity of young and established artists by providing training and conditions for their presentation to a young audience. The association produces theatrical performances and contemporary drama, organizes the curation of exhibitions, organizes concerts and art performances.

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