• Encouraging the professional education of young people and their preparation for personal realization.
  • Application of various forms of vocational training in order to reduce unemployment.
  • Supports activities aimed at developing young people’s language skills.

2020: “Eco-Entrepreneurship Financed by the Culture Varna Fund”

The project “Eco-Entrepreneurship: Youth Environmental Innovations” is aimed at developing environmental culture among young people in Varna. The goals include creating educational workshops and engaging youth in environmental and creative activities to protect the environment. The project involves 50 youth for direct participation and foresees an additional involvement of 200 people in recycling initiatives. Activities

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2004: “Learn Now”

One-week training in sports and culture for 30 Roma children who are at risk of leaving school; organized visits to museums, puppet shows, cinema, sightseeing, as well as sports activities – wrestling and athletics to control aggression.

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2002/2003: “Euro-accounting and international accounting standards”

2002/2003: “Euro-Accounting and International Accounting Standards” within the Leonardo da Vinci program, a mobility project with practice in Italy, Milan an innovative model for applying students’ knowledge and skills in the field of accounting through observing successful models of cooperation between the educational system and business in Italy, mastering information technology for Euro accounting standards.

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