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Theater performances

2023 – “Saving the sea” – specific performance site (part of the project for the “Socially Engaged Arts ’22” program);

2023 – “ECO Dreams” – an author’s performance by Iva Paneva for children aged 5-10 on the topic of pollution prevention;

2022 -“SOS Black Sea” – educational ecological puppet show;

2021 – “Dreams of Self” – Performance financed by the Austrian Embassy Sofia;

2020 –  #Fake Theater – Risky Behavior Prevention and PAW Performance – Fake World strong>;

2019 – “Little Me -am-Me”– a puppet theater performance for children from 3 to 10 years old.
Participating: Albena Stavreva and Iva Paneva
Based on the book by Mira Lobe, an Austrian author of over 100 books. Dramatization and direction by Iva Paneva. A story about identity, the search for self and the desire to find happiness.
It’s a tale of a little creature who is searching for himself and finds no one and nothing like him. After meeting various animals such as the frog, the horse, the cow, the fish and many others, the little creature discovers the truth about what happiness is and being who we are.
An introduction to anyone who has ever wondered “Who am I?”

2019 – “Unicorn”– author and director Iva Paneva, Albena Stavreva and Petko Kamenov participate;

2018 – “Bum-boom mouse in the kingdom of vowel letters”– Educational theater;

2018 – “Cosmic fairy tale”– one-man show with puppets;

2017 –”Mr. Clinker” – Educational interactive show about the path of garbage – Devnya Waste Museum;

2016 -“Deadly Sins” – Felix Mitterer, a project funded by the Austrian Embassy Sofia;

2015 -“Bulgarian-Japanese performance Ya” – co-financed by JapanFoundation;

2013 Interactive digital puppet show: “Dwarves in Space” < /strong>- Directorate of Culture, Municipality of Varna;

2011 “Maru” – exhibition by Yosho Machida;

Cultural projects

(2022 – 2023) – Theatrical action with refugees to save the Black Sea, NFK, “Socially Engaged Arts” program

(2023) – “Artist in the Neighborhood” – Directorate of Culture, Municipality of Varna

(2019) – ECO performance, program “Audiences” NFC

(2019) – Drama therapy for women seeking asylum – Script and direction of the performance “Victim” with the participation of refugee women, MOM Bulgaria.

(2019) – Drama therapy for adolescents and young adults with autism. Creating a performance.

(2017) – “Eco-volunteering – a model for responsible social behavior of young people” aimed at youth exchange of ideas and their creative interpretation of issues for the protection of the Black Sea basin, the growth of cities and the construction of coastal strips – common eco problems of the three Black Sea countries: Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

(2017) – “Model for the Prevention of Violence and Bullying among Children and Adolescents”, financed by the Prevention Directorate of the Municipality of Varna. Creation of a model for the prevention of aggressive behavior The organization of workshops on drama and art therapy for children and adolescents, teachers Theater therapy and Educational film for the prevention of bullying in schools, recognition of bullying situations and practical strategies for dealing with problems.

(2015) – ICIP (Interpretation and construction of interdisciplinary productions), carried out with the financial assistance of the National Fund “Culture”, program “Audiences”, attraction of new youth audiences by creating a need for them to consume contemporary interdisciplinary performing arts.

(2012 – 2013) – “Organization of free time of children from ethnic minorities through interest club activities”, funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. In section 70 students from Secondary School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Ignaetievo, between the ages of 6 and 14, developed their creative theatrical talents.

(2013) – “TV Start”, partner “Black Sea” Television, Youth Activities Directorate, Municipality of Varna

(2012) – “Be Real, not Virtual – prevention of risky behavior on the Internet”, carried out with the financial support of the “Preventions” Directorate, Municipality of Varna. The aim of the project is prevention and countermeasures against antisocial and risky behavior on the Internet.

(2012) – “Interactive digital methods and theatrical improvisations for working with children”, Project for educational integration through game groups and trainings with pedagogues, children and parents ”, 01.04 – 01.10.2012 Education Directorate, Municipality of Varna

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