Production activity

The production activity of the Association “Our World” includes the creation of original theatrical and audio-visual productions focusing on the leading directions of the organization (education, culture, social activities and ecology) with the aim of supporting the development of the educational knowledge and social skills of the viewers, with special focus on child-adolescent and youth audience and international collaborations.

The production products of "Our World" Theater

• Drama therapy performances
     – #Fake Theater / Fake World
     – A unicorn

• Educational performances
     – Dwarves in Space
     – Eco dreams
     – I’m saving the sea
     – SOS Black Sea
     – Boom-boom in the realm of vowels

• Theater performances for adults
     – Dreams of the Self
     – Deadly sins
     – Multi-media performance Ya (Bulgarian-Japanese spectacle)

Digital productions

• Digital educational videos
– Learn fun with Iva

• Audio-visual social documentary videos and films
– Themes: Drug prevention, aggression, sexual behavior.

Our World Publishing House

– Collection of reports from the Scientific and Applied Conference “The Cultural World Reaches Everyone” (2023). Varna: Our World Association
– Paneva, I. (2023). Theater as therapy. Varna: Our World Association
– Charodeyska S. (2022). An interesting book for grandmother and grandson Book 2, Varna: Association “Our World”
– Charodeyska S. (2021). An interesting book for grandmother and grandson – Book 1, Varna: Association “Our World”

Specialized areas of production capabilities

– An innovative approach to creating performances with minority audiences:
Using Educational and Therapeutic Theater that succeeds in an informal way to educate and transform audiences from minority backgrounds.

– An innovative approach to working with SEN, with special priority to autism and dyslexia.

– Digital creative learning materials by subject and age group.

– Innovative digital therapy videos.
– Educational digital packages for teachers.

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