2022/2023: Program for the restoration and development of Our World Association

The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the “Program for the Restoration and Development of Private Cultural Organizations ’22”.


  • Fake Theater Tour for New Audiences Distribution of the performance “#Fake Theater/Fake World” in small towns and minority groups. Touring of a performance of “#Fake Theater/Fake World” production at the “Nash Svyat” Theater in five settlements in the Varna region with over 400 direct spectators.
  • International training for young artists

Creation of a one-week training for young artists with international teachers: “Creative problem solving and using illustration and mix media in live performance” with lecturer Prof. Andrew Kuhlman, award-winning illustrator and teacher of graphics and visual communication at the University of Birmingham, UK. Special seminar session with Dr. Nadezhda Dzhakova.

  • Performance exhibition to present results of training Mix
  • Guest international performance “Growth” – Organization of 2 international performances by the Leipzig Youth Theater Willkommen – Theater der Jungen Welt (theaterderjungenweltleipzig.de). The performances are dance and can attract both children and youth audiences, as well as people with special needs and sensory disorders.

Performance “Growth:” Featuring Denis Tsvetkovich and Sofia Stasiv

A dance performance using different materials, transformations and interactive communication. The performance was created for children over 2 years old. age and is suitable for families as well as adults. When we grow by playing, we are all connected together in a process of growth. Let’s experiment, communicate and learn from each other. Everything around us is a stage and each of us can participate in the process of growth and acceptance.

FREE WORKSHOP for young artists: “Concept and performance of post-modern performances for children and families with movement, different materials, movement and dance” (working language: English with translation). Workshop leaders are Winnie Karnovka, director of Youth Theater Leipzig, Denis Tsvetkovich and Sofia Stasiv

– Focus groups & Anding of audiences, summarized in the publication Strategy for audiences of the theater “Our World”. Publication of the book “Theatre as therapy” by Iva Paneva


Mix-media and matter – interviews with Prof. Kuhlman and Dr. Iva Paneva

“#Fake Theater/Fake World” performance tour

Mix Media and Matter – International Training for Young Artists with Prof. Andrew Cullman, UK

Relax performance “Growth” – Youth Theater Leipzig in Sofia, Bulgaria

Workshop with young actors at the NBU University Theater (Leaders: Winnie Karnovka, Director of the Leipzig Youth Theater and the actors/dancers from the show Growth)


Analysis of publics
Performance “Growth”
Training with A. Kuhlman





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