February 2024

2022/2023: Program for the restoration and development of Our World Association

The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the “Program for the recovery and development of private cultural organizations ’22”.
The project envisages the restoration of the administrative capacity of the Nash Svyat Association, the development and maintenance of the Svyat cultural space in the city of Sofia, the organization of international training with lecturers and the hosting of an international performance from Germany, the distribution of a performance by the Nash Svyat Theater in order to reach new audiences in small settlements with vulnerable audiences. The project also creates a strategy for expanding its audiences through professional analysis and publication of a book.

A legend in graphic design trains young artists in Varna (VIDEO)

International training of young artists “Mix media and matter” is conducted by “Our World” Association, the website recalls. The leader of the training “Creative problem solving and using illustration and mix media in live performance” is Prof. Andrew Kuhlman, an award-winning illustrator and teacher of graphics and visual communication at the University of Birmingham, Great Britain.

Varnenka published a book “Theatre as therapy”

Varna-born proven expert Dr. Iva Paneva is the author of the book “Theatre as therapy”. The work is a kind of guide in the field of alternative therapeutic approaches, with a special focus on the use of theater as a therapeutic method for working with children and adolescents, Varna24 learned .bg.

2016: Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins by Felix Mitterer   Direction and adaptation: Iva Paneva Boyan Markov – scenographer Alexander Gerginov – costumes Georgi Strezov – music Participants: Margarita Khlebarova; Albena Stavreva; Petko Kamenov; Rumen Mihailov The main themes in the production are the problem of the identity of the person and his national belonging in the conditions of …

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2020/2021: #Fake Theater

“When you’re young, you live life to the max and follow your own rhythm. You don’t let others dictate your life, you want freedom and believe you’re immortal.” Zachary, 27. The performance “Hashtag # Fake Theater” with playwright and director Iva Paneva presents a theatrical interpretation of current topics exciting the teenagers and young people …

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2019 – “Unicorn”

Synopsis: A unicorn is a 14-year-old teenager. He is a victim of bullying and aggressive pressure in the family, which is reflected in his uncontrolled emotional outbursts at school. The lady has given him an educational film about aggression, which she thinks will help him differentiate between different types of aggression and types of victimization. …

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Prevention of emotional-behavioral problems and use of surfactants in young athletes

The project “Prevention of emotional-behavioral problems and use of surfactants in young athletes” draws attention to the vulnerability of young athletes to stress, emotional and behavioral problems, as well as the risk of using harmful substances. Through trainings, modular activities and mentoring support, the project envisages the development of strategies for coping with stressful situations, …

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2019: “Little I-Am-Me”

This is a tale of a little creature looking for friends. Like The Ugly Duckling, Little Me-Am-Me feels different and misunderstood. The pink creature with big ears and a long tail goes to the farm, where he meets the cow, the horse and other animals, dives with the fish, sings with parrots and peacocks, but …

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