2016: Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins by Felix Mitterer


Direction and adaptation: Iva Paneva
Boyan Markov – scenographer
Alexander Gerginov – costumes
Georgi Strezov – music
Participants: Margarita Khlebarova; Albena Stavreva; Petko Kamenov; Rumen Mihailov

The main themes in the production are the problem of the identity of the person and his national belonging in the conditions of world globalization. The unique handwriting of the author weaves together the current issues of the integration of refugees and emigrants in Europe. Dramatic interpretation emphasizes the tragic-comedic aspect of relationships, which can reach absurdity and surrealism. The challenging contemporary production is an independent project of the theater “Our World”, realized with the financial assistance of the Austrian Embassy Sofia, part of the program “Theatre in the Museum” of SAMSI (Museum of Contemporary Art).

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