2019: “Little I-Am-Me”

This is a tale of a little creature looking for friends. Like The Ugly Duckling, Little Me-Am-Me feels different and misunderstood. The pink creature with big ears and a long tail goes to the farm, where he meets the cow, the horse and other animals, dives with the fish, sings with parrots and peacocks, but still does not find animals that are like him. On the verge of despair, sad and unhappy, the little creature realizes that he must like himself and so he will find friends who will love him as he is. A fairy tale with dolls, songs and colorful pictures.

“Theatrical experience that makes small children laugh and have fun, and adults think about it. A unique show presenting philosophical concepts in a fun and understandable way” – director of a school in the city of Varna

Target group: For children from 3-10 years old. Duration: 40 min.
Participants: Albena Stavreva, Iva Paneva Music: Iva Paneva

Arrangement: Georgi Strezov Screenplay and direction: Iva Paneva based on Mira Lobe

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