2023: “Artist in Mahala” – Varna Culture Fund

Project activities reached 540 direct beneficiaries, children and youth from ethnic minorities from Asparuhovo and Vladislavovo quarters, and gave them the opportunity to become active consumers of cultural products.

3 Eco Dreams performances – 80 people per performance / 240 people

2 pre-satellite Fake Theater – 90 people per performance / 180 people

Children’s workshop (art+theatre): 80 children / 80 people

40 teachers/ psychologists and others

Total: 500 children and adolescents

Indirect 300



Using Educational and Therapeutic Theater that succeeds in an informal way to educate and transform audiences from minority backgrounds.

The project activities included the educational performance “#Fake Theater / Fake World”, which was presented to the youth audiences 5-12 classes on the topic of prevention of psychoactive substances PAW, drugs and antisocial behavior. The involvement of older students contributed to the development of audiences in the outer districts of the city of Varna.

Videos of performances:

The project also ensured the creation of a premiere performance “ECO Dreams” with a target audience of students from grades 1-4, who had the opportunity to learn, through a theatrical experience, easily applicable ways to protect the environment and cleanliness in the neighborhoods and the city. The professional actors also included children as participants in the performance for greater integration of the audiences.

Many of the participants in the project activities had the opportunity to watch a creative, educational and socially engaging product for the first time.


The media for Artist in the neighborhood Varna 2023:

Students in Varna learned “from the source” how to make a theater (focus-news.net)



Antisocial behavior among minority children in Varna is fought with art (focus-news.net)


National Network:

Artistic Workshops for Theatrical Interactive Stage Creativity (ARTIST) in MAHALATA is an informal network for working with children from ethnic minorities and aims to spread to all small and large settlements in Bulgaria. The ultimate mission and goal of the network is to create sustainability of project activities involving creatively engaged children and youth from ethnic minorities from all over Bulgaria. The idea of the network belongs to Dr. Iva Paneva, who since 2012 works with ethnic minority children and adolescents.

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