2019 – “Unicorn”

Synopsis: A unicorn is a 14-year-old teenager. He is a victim of bullying and aggressive pressure in the family, which is reflected in his uncontrolled emotional outbursts at school. The lady has given him an educational film about aggression, which she thinks will help him differentiate between different types of aggression and types of victimization. Mimi is his new classmate who is another type of victim of classmate bullying. She dares not react to their attacks and does not share her feelings with anyone. The performance presents a symbiosis of multimedia documentary footage from the educational film “Together Against Aggression” with a live theatrical presence of an intriguing narrative about goodness, the search for a balance between being yourself and pleasing others, the trauma of bullying, parental pressure and many other moments. that adolescents face.

The performance presents different types of aggression, gives guidelines on how to deal with it, emphasizes the need for the victim to share and speak, not to remain passive by observing harassment, because that makes us accomplices. Very suitable for children over 10 years old. age and parents.

“And here it is a theater. A theater that reminds each of us that we have played a leading role in the same or a similar scenario. Each of us is a Unicorn who is unique and special, who has been a victim or bullied others without knowing it. But now we know that the types of aggression and bullying are different. And not only direct physical aggression is important and wrong, but that indirect hidden and covert, full of gossip and malice against others can make them fall into a dead end. Ah, how often our closest friends are the ones who bully us.”

Monologue of a Unicorn in the play “Unicorn”, 2019.

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