Alexander the Great, king of the Bulgarians and the Vlachs

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“…On Madara’s rock is depicted a rider whose only visible weapon is a short throwing spear. This warrior is Madara. People saw on the wall Madara who smote the lion of the East. For a while they remembered who the Madara and the Lion were, but then time blotted out from their memory the name of the great king and the memory of the severe war in which he crushed to death the vast power of the Persian empire. That vast country, stretching from India to the Danube and to Egypt, the terrible empire of Cyrus the Great for two centuries . This empire overran the entire cultural world of that time and even reached to subjugate the Scythians beyond the Danube. This empire our Madar crushed and laid dead at the feet of his horse. There is no doubt who was the destroyer of Achaemenid Persia.

King Alexander the Great, the second of the undefeated Bulgarian kings mentioned in the Name Book, the king of the silver Bulgarians – the Macedonians, according to the Prophecy of the prophet Daniel.

Riding his strong horse on the rock was King Alexander, son of King Philip and grandson of King Amyntas. It comes from time and enters it the Great ruler of the Bulgarians and the Vlachs, tilting his pensive head slightly to the left, wearing his favorite trophy armor. His illustrious favorite treads heavily beneath him. On his forehead the ancient seer saw the sign of the bull’s head, the sign of the extraordinary power of his mind, for which he was called Bucephalus…”

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