2023: “Saving the Sea” performance

Specific performance site (part of the project under the “Socially Engaged Arts ’22” program, National Culture Fund).

Participants: Iva Paneva (author and director), Venera Meleki (soprano), Borislava Goranova (installation, scenography and poster artist), Aneta Mankovska (props and artist).

The performance was created under the project “Theatrical Action with Refugees to Save the Black Sea” by the association “Nash Svyat”, financed by the National Culture Fund, program “Socially Engaged Arts” ’22 (21.11 – 21.09.2023). It proposes the use of ecological, cultural and innovative approaches to create a theatrical performance together with children and women from Ukraine, with the aim of preventing the pollution of the Black Sea and improving the creative skills of adolescents and young people.

The project activities included the creation of a joint performance show “Saving the Sea”, which took place on September 2 at 6 p.m. at Karantinata Beach in Asparuhovo district. The project workshops were held in the form of creative theater workshops on the theme: “Performance and script”, “Fish in the Black Sea” and “Making puppets, costumes and props”. 50 participants, divided into two groups, took part in the project activities. as the classes were led by professional actors, director and scenographer artists.


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