Young people from the most dangerous village in Bulgaria dream of a better future

The youth from the village of Sindel and other villages from the municipality of Avren were able to participate in a project organized by the Association “Our World” with the financial support of the National Culture Fund. The project “Dream or Reality: Audio-Visual Products for Children and Youth from Ethnic Minorities” made it possible to hold the creative workshops “Audio-Visual Products”, “Photography”, “Applied Eco Arts” and “Ecological and Cultural Identity”.

More than 100 children and youth managed in the last year to create creative environmental products, stories and films with the aim of prevention of marginalization, expression of cultural identity and construction of environmental culture. The project realized the exhibition “Dream or Reality” and short documentary films by the participants.

Many of the young girls from the region refute prejudices and share how they dream of becoming teachers, working in the fields of chemistry and medicine. The head of the project, Iva Paneva, who is an author, director and psychologist, shares:

“It is necessary to give young people a chance for a better and different future and realization. Through creative activities and focused discussions, regardless of the environment, young people realize that there is an opportunity for development. Changing their attitudes will lead to an improvement in their behavior and attitude towards the environment.”

The author’s stories, which the young participants realize under the project, can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Nash Svyat Association.

Promo film of the project:

Save Nature Short Film:

Short film “What do you dream about?”:

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