2019: “ECO (Environmental Concept of Outdoor) Performance”

Funded under PUBLIK program, module “Intervention in public environment” of NFK. The performance took place together with children, teenagers and young people with an interest in art from the city of Varna. The participants created a theatrical ECO theater, transforming the area of the National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium “Nicolaus Copernicus” in the city of Varna. The preparation for the performance included a variety of creative activities in parallel with the construction of the performance in the form of creative group activities in 3 sections “Theatre”, “Dance” and “Applied Arts”. Planning to involve youth in the performance building process itself will help create positive change and environmentally responsible behavior. The opportunity to watch a specially developed innovative theatrical performance on an ecological theme with ecological materials is an important element that strives to build in its young residents a value for nature, ecological sustainability and cleanliness. The participation of young people together with the artists in the creation of the theatrical production by presenting it to an audience provides prerequisites for their commitment to social causes, affinity to art and motivation to take responsibility and initiative for environmental protection.

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