2022: Ecology and Art for Youth

157 children aged 8-12 and 30 young people aged 15-19 participated in the project activities, as direct beneficiaries from the village of Sindel, town of Ignatievo / the schools: “St. Cyril and Methodius” / and a private school ” Montessori” – city of Varna, they are partners of the “Our World” Association under the “ECO World” project of RIOSV Varna – an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Culture “Youth for the Environment”.

Great interest was generated by the six workshops organized in which the students applied the materials they had collected for recycling and created creative products. In the three schools, exhibition spaces on the theme “I recycle and create” were created by the participants in the “Ecologist” and “Applied Arts” creative studios.

Ecological creative activities are supported by the theatrical production “SOS Black Sea” scripted and directed by Dr. Iva Paneva from the “Nash Svyat” theater. The project enriches the ecological culture of children and youth. Through art, their attitude towards environmental protection is influenced. The workshop held with 32 teachers and youth workers on the topic “Environmental technologies and environmental scenarios” is useful for diversifying the forms and methods of teaching environmental knowledge.

The published Handbook for Audio-Visual Environmental Education is a good didactic tool in non-formal education and is a product of this project.

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