2023: “ECO Dreams” – author’s performance by Iva Paneva for children 5-10 years old on the topic of pollution prevention


Educational environmental show for children from 5 years old. – 12 years

A man from the future comes to Earth to share his experience with children, so what they themselves can do to protect the environment in order to prevent a future ecological catastrophe. A magical journey to the Amazon Equatorial Forest to save the animals there, as well as experiences with dolphins and fish in the Black Sea. Through songs and dances, the children learn how to recycle and at the end the whole audience becomes part of the performance.


Educational effect of the performance:

The play has become a very successful cultural product that not only appeals to children, but also to teachers of ecology and specialized subjects, because it includes teaching material on the topic of environmental hazards, garbage pollution and harm to the climate and fish, which is presented with the means of theatrical art.

Thanks to the show, children realize the danger and the need to actively participate in environmental protection. All the while, the actor contacts the audience actively and the interaction reflects in an exchange of ideas and knowledge that makes the children feel empathetic to the problem. There are moments built into the performance where the children join in the performance.


The media for the show:

The children of Varna are being innovatively taught how to properly dispose of waste (varna24.bg)

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