2020/2021: #Fake Theater

“When you’re young, you live life to the max and follow your own rhythm. You don’t let others dictate your life, you want freedom and believe you’re immortal.” Zachary, 27.

The performance “Hashtag # Fake Theater” with playwright and director Iva Paneva presents a theatrical interpretation of current topics exciting the teenagers and young people in Bulgaria. Through an intriguing narrative, authentic stage images and storylines developed and based on current issues, but constructed as fiction, the play presents its main themes: the search for meaning, motivation, balance between being yourself and pleasing others, traumas from bullying, aggression, parental pressure, sexuality and the temptations of drugs, adrenaline and alcohol. The dramaturgical approach emphasizes the social and public significance of the themes embedded in the performance. The creative style of the show is accessible and attractive to young people, but at the same time, the director’s approach contains an educational focus on situations and topics such as sexuality and soft drugs, which in Bulgarian society are often misunderstood and presented only as sensationalism or taboo.


This is the story of a family trying to do their best in raising their son, providing him with an education and a future. In penury, attempts to cope with reality, the son fails to resist the temptations related to illegal crime, gradual addiction to drugs, lack of motivation for education, extreme behavior and aggression towards relatives. In the name of success and money at any cost, the young man goes in a disastrous direction, from which self-awareness and love pull him out.

This project was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.

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